Forbidden and demanded

A recent one day visit to two places in northern California yielded this array of signs telling us exactly what to do and what not to do.  Quite impressive – and probably I overlooked a few.

Most/some of them are reasonable but taken together they made for a whole day of screaming at Bubbleboy “don’t do that”, “don’t touch this”, “stay away”, “Don’t step on this”, “STOP”, “don’t run”, “slow don’t”, “be quite”, “shut up”, “sshhh”, “no you can’t have a snack right now because the squirrels will be jealous”, “put that bamboo stick down”, “that other one, too”, “don’t walk there”, “don’t stand there”, “behave well!”, “behave yourself”, “… because I said so”, “I know it isn’t fair”, “I don’t care just do it!”, and finally

“I had it, we are going home!”


Forbidden 1

Forbidden 2

Forbidden 3

Forbidden 4

Forbidden 5

Forbidden 6








forbidden - of course

this is pushing it

Safety concerns - always a good excuse

that is really pushing it

stop and think


Behave some more

and more behaving



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