One track mind

Depending on your personality you might hear – or say – to somebody that they have a one track mind.

I say it to my son quite a bit because all he ever talks and thinks about right now is Star Wars.  Men are also often said to have one track minds – not thinking about Star Wars, though.  I leave the rest to your imagination.

One track mind, Star wars is all my son thinks about, pic:

Anyway, somebody who constantly thinks about the same thing has a one track mind. The connotation generally is a bit  negative, a one track mind implies that one is so focused on one special interest that one hardly notices what is going on around one.  Talking to somebody with a one track mind is often not very fun and entertaining, sort of like my conversations wit my son:

Me: “what do you want for our snack.”

Son: “Mom, did you know that all the bad guys have red laser swords and the good guys have blue or green laser swords.”

Me: “There is yogurt or apple sauce.”

Son: “Anakin and Obi Won defeated Count Dooku.”

Me: ” and then we’ll have to do homework”

Son: “I wish I was Luke.”  – etc.

That’s a one track mind!


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