Bubbleboy’s Valentine

Valentine’s Day is upon us with all its pink and red heart-shaped might and a lot of stressed out teenagers and adults who ponder such weighty questions as “what if anything should I give a girl-friend/boyfriend of three months for valentines?” and “Is a dinner at the steakhouse okay or does it have to be the fancy French place?”

Valentine's Day craziness, pic: (c) Tina Baumgartner

My naive hope had been that my young son would be spared the craziness because Valentines Day is about romantic love and at this point in his life all my son loves are his parents, his grandparents, some friends, his teddy bear,  Luke Skywalker and on some days Harry Potter.

As mentioned, however, this hope was naive.  At school we are all friends, right, and therefore every kid has to give every other kids in his/her class a Valentine’s day card. Unthinkable to hurt a friend’s feeling by not giving him/her a card.  My first issue, as alluded to, is with Valentine’s day card giving 6 year olds in general  – they should just be spared this day, they’ll have a lifetime to agonize over it.

And if they really really must be pulled into this isn’t it part of the deal that one feels special because one gets a card from cute Johnny while little Jane over there doesn’t. Cruel? Well, maybe – such is life.   Just wait until you are in high-school, then we’ll talk cruel again.

Now if my very social and outgoing child would come to me and say “Mom, I want to give everybody a card so nobody feels bad” I’d hug and kiss the little guy for such a brilliant sentiment and go and buy enough cars for everybody.  But make it a rule?

Tree-hugging European that I am, I am thinking of 1500 kids in my sons school giving each 20 cards and I shudder.  That is 30,000 cards in his school alone.

This is utter craziness.


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