Happy Valentines Day, XOXO, pic: zazzle.com

we definitely need something lovey-dovey on this Valentine’s day dedicated to celebration of love:  XOXO

This abbreviation means kisses and hugs – not just on Valentines Day but generally.  It is often used by teenagers, but not exclusively.  It is also used at the end of a letter or email or text message to express affection and/or love.

The general wisdom is, that the X represents kisses – to mouths touching in a kiss – and the O represents two pairs of arms stretched out in the beginning of a hug.   I thought this whole XOXO thing was something really new, like from the 80s or 90s but turns out that the X was used to symbolize kisses already back in the 18th century.  The use of the O for hugs in newer.

This expression is up close and personal and should only be used with friends or family.  It is certainly not appropriate in a business context.

In the spirit of Valentines Day: XOXO to all!


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