Funny word, curmudgeon

Always complaining on a high level, pic:

Curmudgeon goes very well with the last funny word, cantankerous – in fact now that I understand both words they go together in my mind most of the time.

A curmudgeon in basically an cantankerous person, a bad-tempered, surly, miserly human being.  Or in fact, bad-tempered old man as the word seems to be (almost) exclusively used for man, preferably old man. Curmudgeons are cranky people whose crankiness exceed normal levels of occasional or ill temper.  There is abit of a redeeming factor about curmudgeons, the complain – a lot – but they do it with a black sense of humor,with a certain style and dedication not found in your run-of-the-mill complainer.

The grandfather in The Simpson is a curmudgeon, and Walter Matthau in “Grumpy Old Men” is an excellent curmudgeon specimen and so are the two old guys on the balcony at the Muppet Show.

Another of those words that go back centuries and who’s origin has been lost in history.  So let’s not worry about it.

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