Business English is full of buzzwords – that is probably true for most languages and not only for business but also all sorts of communications from the government, legal speak, etc.

I think back in horror to some of the stuff I had to put up with back in Germany, that particular, formal style that uses mainly nouns and is characterized by words like Inbetriebnahmeinteraktionsfolgenrelevant or Rindfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz (no kidding, that word exists – sort of – in the files of some bureaucrats and I still haven’t quite understood what it means …)

This mission statement makes sense, pic

Anyway, back to English: buzzwords abound in corporate communication, favorite ones are flexible, innovative (if I had 1 Dollar for every time I read innovative I would have long retired on some chichi Caribbean island), optimize, platform, integration, results-oriented, capabilities, efficiency, track-record, align, dedicated, opportunities, shareholder value, productivity, increase,….

Here is what one – with only a little bit of hyperbole – could call a typical mission statement:

“Our company allows businesses to integrate, assemble and optimize available IT assets to drive business process productivity, delivering an innovative, enterprise-class business integration platform that incorporates proven integration technology with next generation capabilities into one interoperable set of tools that deliver a unique combination of efficiency, agility and control, combining industry leadership with a zealous commitment to customers to deliver tangible business value. ”


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