Cold turkey

Maybe this should be a blog entry for next Thanksgiving – but that is so far away and it is not really a Thanksgiving kind of topic anyway.  “Cold turkey” is used to describe when one stops something abruptly.

The “something” often is a bad habit like smoking or taking drugs.  Examples would be:

Seriously cold turkey, pic:

Person 1: “He is trying to quit smoking cold turkey but I don’t think that’s a good way.  It is better to do slow withdrawal”

Person 2:  “I am not sure, I know a couple of people from whom quitting cold turkey worked well.”

Cigarettes and drugs are probably most associated with going cold turkey but it could also be some other addiction  or addiction-like behavior like snacking.  “Unless you quit snacking while you watch TV it will be very hard for you to loose weight.  I suggest you stop cold turkey – just don’t buy any snack food anymore.”

The phrase originates from the goose bumps and pale color in one’s face that are the hallmarks of withdrawal from narcotics or tobacco. The skin resembles that of a plucked, cold turkey…



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