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February 18, 2011


The integration of people from other countries is never an easy task but in Silicon Valley we seem to have managed it quite well.  My evidence is anecdotal but I think never the less convincing: just look at the menus and staff or your average Silicon Valley restaurant.

Thai chicken taco - what else? pic:

Last Tuesday we went to a pizza joint.  It had a giant plaster statute of Liberty in the window, the owner was Italian or Mexican, can’t tell he spoke both Italian and Spanish, the guy behind the counter looked Middle Eastern.  The pizza available had names like “Times Square”, “Don Corleone”, “Bella Indiana” and most noticeably “Indian Veggie Pizza” with ginger, cilantro, garlic, mushrooms and bell peppers.

Today we went to Aqui – which implies Mexican food – and it is, sort of – as Mexican as artichoke lasagna gets.  Of course there are chili verdes and quesedillas on the menu along with that walnut mango organic greens salad that I have to yet be served in any restaurant in Mexico.  Then there are the interesting options:  Thai carnitas  with peanut sauce (what else?), Teriyaki beef burrito, and chicken Vindaloo tacos.

Got to love it.

February 18, 2011

Blood and water

Today’s proverb is of German origin but is also used in the English language:  “Blood is thicker than water”.  The proverb is used to express the

I opted against a gory mixture of blood and water and for this scientific drawing, pic:

notion that the bonds between family members and relatives in generally are tighter then the bonds between unrelated people and in a pinch trump those.

Whether one agrees with this statement or not is a different question.  Looked at it from the perspective of evolution it certainly makes sense as your relatives carry some of the same genes you do.  The remoter the relatives the fewer genes one shares and at some point one probably crosses from “blood” to “water”.

Its one of those proverb that dates back to medieval times and has a long and colorful history – let’s not worry about it now.

An example:  “You are my friend but if it comes down to supporting you or my brother, I’ll support him – blood is thicker than water.”