Shameful numbers, source: IMF

I just read a horrifying number and cannot not write about it although it certainly opens the door to political partisanship.

So here is the number – and some context:

The US has 743 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants which is more than twice as much as the next country, France, at 365 per 100,000.  If we ignore the French for a bit (I know I shouldn’t say that as a German but let’s just do it anyway) the US has more prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants than the next three countries  on that list put together (not all countries are on the list).  The “list” was put together by the  International Monetary Fund, an institution not know to be a bastion of radical leftish thinking.  The entire table with other interesting data is included here.

According to a blog I read (it is a subscription type of affair that’s why it doesn’t make sense to put the link here) the US is spending $15 billion every year to keep these people in jail.  Which is a hell of a lot of money at a time where the Republicans want to cut funding for national Public Broadcasting which will save a whopping $445M.

The Land of the Free sure seems to love its prisons.

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