Shooting fish

in a barrel – this action is exactly what you think it would be: easy, effortless, a simple action, success virtually guaranteed.  As such this is a rather lame way of obtaining fish for dinner.

Shooting fish in a barrel - all too easy, pic:

An interesting side story is that, a group called Mythbusters actually tested out whether it is easy to shoot fish in a barrel.  Mythbusters is a Aussie created and produced show in which science (or at least some science) is used to test the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, Internet videos and news stories.

Here is what they found: shooting fish in a barrel is indeed easy.  Actually hitting them might not be but the pressure wave created by the shooting is enough to kill the fish.  Details about their experiment can be found here.

This expression is not very frequently used but it is good to understand what it means should it come up in conversation.

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