Bucket List

I don’t know whether this a exclusively American idea/concept, probably not but here is where I came across the idea for the first time.  That might have more to do with age then with location but so be it.

writing a bucket list, pic: flickr.com

So anyway, a bucket list is a list of all the things you want to do before you “kick the bucket” – that is die.  Generally these lists contain a lot of travel-related tasks (mine certainly does) and other things you always dreamed of accomplishing one day and never quite got around to, like publishing a book, or spending serious time volunteering, learn how to draw a face that does look human, not like a space alien, learning a foreign language, cook a five course meal – you get the idea.

The name derives from the idiom “to kick the bucket” for dying.  The German equivalent, I just found out now would be the “spoon list” because “passing on the spoon” means the same thing as “kicking the bucket”.

It is actually fun writing such a list – turns out there is an amazing amount of things one wants to do but never does do.


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