Oxymoron #1, pic: whatasign.blogspot.com

Oxymoron – I love that word, just the right combination of Greek geekiness combined with “moron” which is an English slang term for a stupid person – but that, of course, is purely incidental because the Greeks back then didn’t know about the word moron, though I am sure I knew the concept.

Anyway, oxymorons are conjoining contradictory terms.  Let’s look a t a few examples, those which I find compelling because we use them in everyday speech but never stop to thing about that they are oxymorons (btw, another plural version would be oxymora which my spell checker considers the correct one but sounds terribly pretentious, so I am staying with the Americanized version).

Another good one, pic: techfilled.com

So here we go with the oxymorons   :

act naturally

minor crisis

unbiased opinion

only choice

seriously funny

and my favorite: military intelligence

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