Cooking, learning Spanish, and a manicure

in 5 minutes  per day.

Saving minutes every day, pic:

This is another trend that has me worried and puzzled: these days everything has to happen at warp speed because we all have such busy lives.

When my mom bakes a cake it takes her an hour or so, today, it has to be done in 5 minutes because who could possible waste more time than that on baking a cake.  Honestly, if all I have is 5 minutes, I just don’t bake cakes, I eat a cookie.  But that is just me.

One of my favorite magazines has this one -page thingy every month about how to clean your back porch in 15 minutes or how to reorganize your correspondence in 12.5 or dust of your book shelves in 10.   Everything is broken down by the minute, or half minute along the lines:  minute 1, get cleaning rag and spray cleaner; minute 2-3.5 pick up everything from the floor and put it in it’s proper place.  Here is where I stop reading, if I could pick up everything and put it in its proper place in 90 seconds I wouldn’t need this instruction.  Since it will take me like 30 minutes to do so I don’t need this instruction either.

Then there are the “get a flat stomach in less than 2 minutes a day”, “learn Spanish in 5 minutes a day”, the “improve your marriage in 2 easy steps”, “become a better human being in 30 minutes”, “get a full-body work out in 8 minutes”, “never have back pain again with these exercises in 4 minutes a day”, the “email MBA”,  “prepare a three course meal in 15 minutes”, and “redesign your front yard in an afternoon”.  It takes me an afternoon just to plant the gladiola bulbs I just bought and pull out the weeds – and that was a productive afternoon!

Getting everything done in a rush is the newest fad.  Not sure what happened to enjoying a work out, or cooking a meal, or reading a book or learning something new.  Not quite sure either what we are supposed to do with all the time we are saving by applying blusher in under 30 seconds – sit on the couch, chill, and eat potato chips??

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