Dressing for the occassion, formal attire

So you receive this invitation for a holiday party or a wedding or something and it specifies “formal attire” – what now?

Good question because simply saying you “formal attire” leaves room for interpretation – as the meaning has changed over time.  There is black tie and white tie (for guys) and most men I know (all??) don’t know the difference and if they do they sure don’t have either a black or a white tie attire handy. Then there is semi-formal but what used to be semi might now be okay for “full formal”

When in doubt ask about the expectations.

That look will get him into every party, pic: ohdiscount.com

Assuming we are talking a wedding here, big event, but not exactly royalty getting married “formal” would most likely imply for the gents: full suit with necktie or bow tie, maybe a vest (too hot??), leather shoes and belt, tasteful watch, body piercings removed.  However, it could mean that a tuxedo (formal in the traditional sense) is required, so better find out.  Btw, few men own these things –  that’s what tux rental places are for.

Woman would wear either a long evening gown or (careful here) a very nice cocktail dress, knee-length kind of thing (e.g. for a day time wedding).  In my experience it is entirely more comfortable to be dressed too nicely then being the only girl in a flowery garden party dress when everybody else is head-to-toe in silk.

Okay, so I admit it, that whole blog was just another excuse to show a picture of an immaculately dressed Daniel Craig.  For pictures of formally dressed women just open any of the “girly” magazines and you’ll see more than enough.


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