A case of Jayjogging, pic: tucsoncitizen.com

Jaywalking is the term for all you petty criminals who cross the street against the light, walk across the street between intersections, run across th2 street without yielding to cars  and otherwise engage in illegal crossing of streets.

The term jaywalking is a compound noun consisting of the words jay and walking.  In the olden days in the American Midwest jay was a derogatory term for people from rural areas.   Then, like it might still be the case, people fro the countryside were considered to, well, at least naive and inexperienced when it comes to the ways of the city, especially traffic.  And so the poor jays walked all over the streets with no regard to traffic.

The dissemination of the term after its (alleged) first use in 1909 is believe to have been helped by the car industry which wanted to redefine the streets as places were cars drive, not people wander around.

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