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March 2, 2011

Little Red Ridinghood, part II

the wolf breaking into grandma's house to steal the muffin recipe, pic:

Since Bubbleboy has entered first grade and returned to his old home-based after-school the political correctness is no longer quite as much in my face every day as it used to be – or maybe I have just gotten used to it.

However, we had another “Little Red Riding hood” episode the other morning.  They are reading different versions of that old fairy tale in school.  Thankfully version 1 seemed to be fairly close to the original from what I could tell from my boy’s stories.  He seemed unfazed by all the eating of grandmas and cutting open of wolfs to get her out.  “It’s just a story, mom.”

Now the second version entered political correctness territory in a major way – the wolf, my child informed me – was not after the grandmother or even Little Red riding Hood, no, he was after grandma’s super special muffin recipe.

I abstain from any further comments on this craziness and leave you with the mental image of a wolf engaging in a little B and E (breaking and entering = burglary) to rummage through grandma’s cabinets in search for the famed muffin recipe, which, of course – and this I am making up as I go – would have to be either gluten free, low-fat, high-fiber, omega 3 rich, or – alternatively – triple chocolate, double fudge, extra cream – depending on grandma’s attitude towards life and health.