Between lots of yucky pics of drunk people, I liked this best, pic: ifightthelaw.wordpress.com

There are literally dozens of words for being drunk or a drunken person and they span the spectrum from the harmless to the bad, from the words you can (almost) use in polite conversation to slang expressions best left to frat parties.

Here are some common ones:

Blasted –  definitely not an appropriate word when talking to your boss

Hammered – sort of like blasted so also better used at a prty among friends then the company Christmas function

Intoxicated – the official term, sounds very “official” like something a doctor would say

Loaded – like hammered or blasted but also means to have a lot of money – ‘see the guy over there, he is loaded, owns half of  the city.”

Pickled  – like hammered

Pissed and shit-faced – really bad vulgar slang, frat house use only

Spaced – spaced out, refers more to being high on drugs than being drunk

Tipsy – being slightly drunk like after one glass champagne too many – mild expression and not appropriate for someone really drunk

Under the influence – official expression, used by police and lawyers, also found in the acronym DUI – driving under the influence

Enough talk about drinking, I am going to get a drink now!

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