All real douchebag! pic:

Now here is a word for you that you want to say to somebody’s face if you really want to offend him: douchebag.

More often this is said about people who aren’t present, behind their backs as it is a very strongly negative word.  So here we go:  a douchebag is jerk, an asshole, a arrogant, obnoxious, mean, dumb, pretentious,  or dim-witted person.  Douchebags are generally male.

The use of this word as an slangy insult is fairly new, or at least only recently has it been widely used in real life conversation and on TV.  Originally the term describes a device used to introduce a stream of water into the body, particularly the vagina,  for medical or hygienic reasons.  How we got from here to a jerky guy – who knows.

This is definitely a word you want to use sparingly and never apply it to a colleague or – worse – boss with anybody in ear-shoot.

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