Just like for dumb there are many words and expression to convey the fact that somebody is crazy or, as the definition reads is “affected with madness or insanity.”

Homer is always great to illustrate craziness, pic:

Some are fairly friendly, used jokingly and affectionately, others not so. But more then the word the context and tone of voice plays an important role in how strong your word comes across. If you say: “Ah, you know Don, he is a bit cuckoo fine.” you are not making a particularly strong and hostile statement.  Saying something like: “Stay away from Don, that guy is totally cuckoo!” then you made a pretty forceful statement about Don.

So here are some more words expressing the idea of crazy, words I have heard used on many occasions and with that words that you will likely encounter:

Berserk (generally involves frantic and violent behavior) – the guy smashed up the house, he went totally berserk

Bonkers – less strong, mentally “irregular” but of the non-violent kind

Cuckoo and kooky are like bonkers

Lunatic/looney – stronger, indicated a real mental disease (thought to be influenced by the moon), also used for people who display foolishly risk-taking behavior.  “Dave’s a lunatic, he rides his mountain bike down frozen waterfalls”

Nuts, nutty, nut case, nut job – on the lighter spectrum but a forceful: “he is a total nut case” is not to be Taken as a compliment either.


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