Bouncer at a bar. Maybe he is moonlighting, pic:

Moonlight, obviously, is the sunlight reflected off the moon onto earth.  But what is moonlighting?

If you moonlight you work a second job in addition to your full time one, and since your full time, primary job likely takes up most of your day time hours your second job will be during the night hours, when there is moon light.  Hence you are moonlighting.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, about 7 to 8 million Americans — about 5+ percent of all workers — work multiple jobs and therefore moonlight.

An example sentence would be: “He works as a construction worker during the day and moonlights as a bouncer at the Fancy Bar”  It is not necessary to add “at night” here because it is self evident that his second job as a bouncer is at night, not just because that’s when bars are open and need bouncers but also since moonlighting implies that.

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