Soccer moms

A typical soccer mom, pic:

Soccer moms are a very American species.  The expression is a somewhat derogatory term for generally white middle-class, stay-at-home moms who spend an extraordinary amount of time chauffeuring their kids around – of course in an SUV or a minivan, not a VW Bug – to different sporting events (hence the term soccer) and other enriching after school activities.  Soccer moms generally are married and live in the suburbs.

Created in the 80s the term came into widespread use in the 90s.  It started out as a positive label used by an ambitious female politician for herself to get the message across that she is just like the other moms out there, one of them and therefore a good choice to vote for.

Over the years the term has taken on a negative connotation, one generally thinks of hurried women, planning every second of their children’s life, overburdening them with valuable activities (vs vegging out in front of the TV) and going crazy between volunteering at school, supervising piano practice, driving all over the town for baseball practice while providing healthy snacks.

What gets the soccer moms into the headlines is the belief (whether it is a fact I don’t know) that they are swing voters and able to make a significant difference in the next election.

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