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March 12, 2011

Brownie Points

Taking the concept of brownie points quite literal, pic:

You might hear somebody say a sentence like “I went to visit my girlfriend’s parents with her over the weekend.  Got some brownie points for that.”  When I first heard a sentence like that I was very confused.  I had just gotten to the point of understanding that brownies are chocolaty cookies but the points and how it all fits together completely eluded me.

So here you go: brownie points aren’t cookies (although some speculate that the expression has its origin with the brownies girl scouts sell) but an non-monetary, social credit for an effort you made.  It is like a social currency, one can accrue by doing good deeds or doing somebody a favor.  As in the example above, the guy visits his girl-friend’s parents although he would rather watch baseball but he goes to do her a favor – he is earning brownie points.  Next time he wants a favor from her, he can cash those brownie points in.

One generally earns brownie points with family members, close friends or superiors, like bosses or teachers.

The concept of negative brownie points exists as well.  That happens when you do something bad, like promising to accompany your girl-friend to the lunch at her parents house and then bailing out the last minute with a lame excuse.

Brownie points aren’t usually accounted for in a ledger, one just sort of keeps track of them.

March 12, 2011

Chick Flick

Dirty dancing - the classic chick flick, pic:

A chick flick is a special kind of movie.  The type, I would think, exists all over the globe. the term is very American.

Let’s start with defining the two terms.  A chick, of course, is a young bird, like a chicken or a hen.  it is generally used to refer to domestic fowl.  But that is just the original meaning, chick also means – somewhat derogatorily – young woman, girl.  It is similar to the Spanish Chica and might be derived from it.  A lot of young women have embraced the term, refer to themselves as chicks and find it non-derogatory.

“Sheila is a really cool chick!” therefore is a compliment.

A flick is a movie.

Hence a chic flick is a movie for young women.  Mostly they are romantic and have very unrealistic happy endings.  Guys generally hate them and only watch them to score brownie points with their girl-friends.

Here are some examples of typical chick flicks:

My best friend’s wedding, Mona Lisa Smile, Runaway Bride, The Wedding Planner, Maid in Manhattan, Mean girls, A Cinderella Story, Sex and the City, The Princess Diaries, You’ve got mail, etc.