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March 14, 2011

Red Herring

A red herring, pic:

My first introduction to the concept of a Red Herring was in form of the business magazine.  It was the late 90s and everybody in business school was reading those magazines – when they weren’t calling their stock brokers to do a little in-between-class trading, that is.  It was the days before Internet brokers.

Herring makes me think of fish and actually, for once I am not so terribly off with that notion.   But first to the meaning of that phrase:  a red herring is the tactic of diverting attention away from what matters and onto something else.  The idea is to win an argument by diverting attention away from the argument and onto another topic.

Mystery fiction is a good example, often a false suspect is established in the course of the story as a way of distracting the attention away from the real culprit.

The origin of the phrase actually has to do with fish, strongly cured or heavily smoked kipper – which smell pungently and have a reddish color.  These fish were used to train young scent hounds – first to follow a strong scent, then to not be distracted from the faint smell of a fox or whatever was being hunted but the strong smell of a “red herring” that was dragged across the hunted animals trail.

March 14, 2011

Gym terms

another perfect excuse to show Daniel Craig shirtless, pic: offmybirdchest.

I just got home from the gym and that gave me the idea to write about a few “gym terms”.  lets start with gym, when I first moved to the US I did not know what a gym was, I knew fitness studios – that’s what we call those places back in Germany – but gym, as in the abbreviation of gymnasium  – no idea, or rather the wrong idea as Gymnasium is a form of high-school in Germany.

Anyway, I got gym sorted out and have morphed into somewhat of a gym rat over the last couple of years.  A gym rat is somebody who frequents a gym regularly.  Sometimes people like that are also called gym bunnies – but when in doubt I personally prefer to be a gym rat over a gym bunny.  Bunnies just don’t portrait the idea of a strong body all that well.

Other than working out one might see a ripped body or two at the gym.  Ripped means very low body fat therefore showing of the muscles nicely.   Sometimes one sees a nice six-pack – abdominal muscles that are so well developed that they can be seen as separate muscles strands. It is mostly guys who sport six packs (also called washboard)

Ideally all those muscles are achieve without juice – anabolic steroids that help guys to bulk up but tend to have nasty side effect also known as roid rage (Aggressive behavior after taking large amounts of steroids).