Friends with Benefits

Just friends or friends with benefits? Pic: © Dmitry Fisher |

With this expression we are venturing into youth talk and into somewhat risque territory. Although certainly an expression used more by younger people it is good to understand what it means, even if you don’t plan to add any friends with benefits to your life any time soon.

So, anyway, friends with benefits are friends, often rather good friends, who have casual sex with each other without being emotionally involved and without being in a relationship and without serious commitment.  The latter point is the crucial one: the FWB relationships may or may not be monogamous but unlike in   “real” romantic relationship there is no commitment and no long-term prospects.

The other defining element is the friendship between the two people which differentiates FWB relationships from NSA (no strings attached) one night stands.

This is probably not an American phenomenon but this relatively young expression has shown up in American pop culture since the early 2000s.

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