St Patty’s Day

Green beer - perfect for St. Patty's Day, pic:

Living in the US means enjoying all sorts of holidays and celebrations one doesn’t get to celebrate in other countries.  So, today, March 17, st. Patricks Day or – affectionately, St. Paddy’s Day we are all Irish – or at least pretend to be – wear green, have shamrock necklaces laced around our necks and are frantically trying to catch leprechauns and gold pots at the end of rainbows.

Oh, I forgot the beer.  Of course, on St. Patrick’s Day we drink beer, ideally Guinness in Irish pubs and listen to Irish music.  A few bold ones will try and do a Riverdance imitation – after they had way too much Guinness, that is.

St. Patrick’s Day is a religious holiday celebrating the most recognized patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick who brought Christianity to the island way back when (in the 4th century, if you must know).  In honor of St. Patrick one does the following: goes to church, wears green, specifically anything adorned with shamrocks and – most importantly and probably what makes the holiday so popular – the lent restrictions on food and alcoholic beverages are lifted so one feasts and drinks way too much.  The going-to-church part (especially catholic church in a predominantly protestant country) seems to be handled rather loosely here in the US, however, the drinking beer part is taken that much more seriously instead.

Don’t tell anybody but I can’t drink Guinness, tastes like motor oil to me so I am sitting at home, wear a green sweater, drink prosecco and write a blog.  How is that for embracing different cultures?

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