Lucky in cards

I thought I had finally come up with an proverb that exists in German and for which there is no English equivalent.  But no such luck, it does exist, even though I had never heard of it before today when I searched online – hoping not to find it.

Lucky at cards, unlucky in love - certainly true for Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, pic:

Anyway, the proverb is “lucky in cards, unlucky in love”.  The whole things doesn’t even make much sense.  I also did not find a satisfying explanation why it should be the case that one has to trade off love with card games (=money). One notion I read was that it is a well-known fact that some people seem to be very lucky in some respects but not in others.  So this would just state the obvious.

An interesting factoid is that in English the version “lucky in cards, unlucky in love” seems to be the one version used.  The opposite is sort of implied.  In the German version both variations exist equally, i.e. if you are playing cards and loosing badly a sympathetic person will say “unlucky in cards, lucky in love” to provide some comfort. Another difference, in German we don’t limit ourselves to cards – any kind of gambling is fair game, so to speak.

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