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March 29, 2011

Only in America

Now I might have said this a few times already but this time I mean it, I really, really mean it.  Or let me put it another way: can you think of a country, any country where you would find a headline like this:

Christian pole dancing class …

wait, we don’t even need to read the rest, this is amazing enough.  Christian pole dancing – just think about this for a bit.

Advance pole dancing - probably not for Jesus but paying customers, pic:

Just to make sure everybody is fully appraised to the amazing details: pole dancing is nothing like pole faulting but is a form of dance involving a pole which is generally performed by scantily dressed women in places referred to as  “Gentlemen’s Club” with names like “Stud Ranch”.

Now a bunch of women in Texas are creating a big controversy because they discovered pole dancing for Jesus.  Don’t ask me how that logic works , there was some talk about bodies as temples and taking care of them and being closer to God etc.  I do respect people for taking initiate and getting off their generally overweight butts but pole dancing for Jesus??  Can’t you just go jogging or spend some quality time on a elliptical machine like yours truly?  What is next?  Lap dancing for Jesus?

I am no prude, I am European, if you want to pole dance, pole dance, but don’t make it into a religious exercise – that is just so wrong and hypocritical on so many levels.  An now I am going to the gym, 45 mins on the elliptical ….