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March 31, 2011

Bachelorette Parties

First there were the bachelor Parties, those questionable events when the guys took the groom for one more night on the town before he got married and had to forever after be a good boy.

Now does that look like fun to you? pic:

Rightfully, the ladies wanted equal treatment and so Bachelorette Parties (man, the spell checker here doesn’t even recognize the word bachelorette but gives me one of those red squiggly lines indicating that I goofed up – spelling-wise) came into existence.  I have to confess to only ever having been at one bachelorette party and that was a while ago and civilized affair with dinner in some restaurant and a bit of dancing afterward.

Since things have changed, these days dinner-and-a-dance has been replaced by “Learn how to strip” events where “a professional female” will come to your home and teach the bride and her girlfriends the ancient art of strip dancing.  Pole dancing and lap dancing can also be included.

Then, I learned, there are “passion parties” where a – get that – “passion party consultant” (no gender specified) comes to your house and demonstrates adult toys.

Then, of course, there is the girl equivalent of attending a strip club where some imitation of the Chippendales dance for the ladies.

This all must be very awkward, I mean, how can it not be awkward sitting on the couch of the bride, nibbling on Cheetos, drinking Chardonnay and have some stranger explain or – worse – demonstrate adult toys.

The good old dinner-and-a-dance sounds still best to me.