Laughing stock

This is something you want to avoid at all costs: becoming a laughing stock.  It means that you have made a fool or yourself, have become the object of ridicule.  People might laugh about you openly or behind your back – but laugh they do.

Being the laughing stock in the old days - not funny. Pic:

Generally you bring it onto yourself by doing something dumb, embarrassing, inept, or stupid, something you should know better than doing.

Here are some examples:

After they lost every game of the season the team became the laughing stock of the league.

Rob made a laughing stock of himself by showing up to the meeting in short and a Hawaiian shirt.”

The expression is also written laughing-stock or even laughingstock.

The origin of the expression likely dates back to the olden days when people – as punishment – were put in a stock by their ankles and sometimes wrists and subjected to ridicule.

Like for the people in the stock back in the days being the laughing stock today isn’t very funny.


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