This is another political correctness gone wild in the California school system story.  This one didn’t happen to my child but a friend’s child who attends a private school – which goes to show that the craziness does not stop with the public education system.

Bullying: does not exist in the perfect world of California schools, or does it? pic: technorati.com

Anyway, the story is that one of his classmates was bullied by a few other students, and it finally reached the point where the mother couldn’t sit by the sidelines anymore and felt she had to intervene to protect her child.  So she went to have a talk with the principal and the conversation (and here I paraphrase) went something like this:

Mother: “I am here to talk about how these kids behave towards my child and what is being done about it.”

Principal: “I assure you that all necessary measures are being taken.”

Mother:  “I don’t think so, my child has been bullied by these kids for some time now and nothing has been done to stop the bullying.”

Principal (using the same low, slow, and indulgent voice generally used with recalcitrant or slow children): “Please do not use this word around here.  There is no such a thing as bullying in this school.”

Ahem, please??

So we want those perfectly behaved little angels (just like we were at 7 years old) who sat things like “I would appreciate if you made better choices about the way you speak to me to avoid hurting my feelings” and if they – surprise, surprise – do not live up to those standards we just define the problem away.  Bullying: does not exist in our school – despite evidence to the contrary – because we don’t want it to exist, because it cannot exist in our perfect rainbow-colored world of little angels.  If it existed, we who set out to create the perfect world of little angels, would have failed – and that is impossible, unacceptable.

The degree of self-delusion at work here amazes (even jaded) me.

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