Spoiler Alert

If you like movies and TV shows – and more importantly if you like to talk about them – then you need to know about the spoiler alter.

Life's ultimate spoiler alert, pic: savagechickens.com

Say you are talking with some friends of co-workers about last nights episode of “The Good Wife” and one of the people in your group says: “I love that show but I did not have a chance to watch it last night.  I Tivo’ed it and am so looking forward to seeing it when I get home tonight.”

Now you were just about to discuss the latest hot topic – namely that Kalinda slept with Mr. Big (he will always be Mr. Big for me but you-know-who I mean, Peter Florrick, the husband) at some point in the not so distant past when you realize that your friend might not appreciate knowing that fact before watching the show later tonight.  To warn her you will say something like:

“So, I really can’t believe that Kalinda  – – spoiler alert …!”

If you are a good friend you will stop telling the story as soon as you hear the other person scream

“No, don’t tell me!”

You should at least give the other person enough time after the “spoiler alert” to leave the room or stuff something into her ears and loudly singing a tune to drown out your voice.

Providing a spoiler alert before a crucial part of a movie or TV show is revealed in front of an audience that hasn’t seen the movie/show yet is common courtesy.  So is not continuing the story if somebody asks not to hear it.


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