More metaphors

I found a few more interesting metaphors for you, ones that are frequently used or interesting.

First a quick reminder: a metaphor is a figure of speech which transfers the qualities of one word to another. The implied comparison here is between two things which are seemingly unrelated but have an important thing in common.

Here are some used in politics:

grandfather clause – a clause that allows a piece of legislation not to apply to an incumbent or an established situation

Landslide victory, a metaphor, pic:

landslide victory: a victory by a big margin, overwhelming victory

character assassination: this is a favorite of American politics and means that damaging facts, often false, fabricated or at least twisted to destroy a candidates reputation in public.

Grassroots movement – political movement driven by the members of a community

To round things out here are a couple of metaphors that I have previously explained in this blog:

It is raining cats and dogs – a metaphor used for very heavy rain

She is the apple of my eye – a metaphor used for someone who is very dear to you.

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