American English has its share of cliches particularly in business settings – but maybe that is just my bias because that’s where I ran across them so often.  First a brief definition of cliches before I list a few that I think are particulalry overused.

Sports cliches, not covered in the blog, maybe next time. Pic:

A cliche is a stereotyped or trite phrase or expression that has been so overused that it has lost its value or appeal.  This, of course, is a somewhat subjective category, what some people think is a wonderful expression others think of as a trite cliche.  Some of the expressions I have covered in this blog one might think of as cliches.  Here are some more examples of truly overused ones:

24/7 – for all the time, constantly

There is now i in team – pointing out the fact that the individual (the “I”) does not play a role in a team effort

At the end of the day – for finally, ultimately

Cutting edge – very up-to-date, very advanced and novel, often used in connection with technology “we deliver cutting-edge law mowing solutions to your back yard.”  This is one pretty overused if one deals with any type ot technology but it isn’t as bad as the next one:

Innovative – I have seen this applied to everything from DNA sequencing technology to cat litter odor remover and thought processes.  If reasonably possible I avoid innovative products these days because I am so tired of the word.

And finally an oldie (not goldie to abuse another cliche): time is money.  yes, we’ve all heard that one  before – about 3 million times ever since we were toddlers.


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