Business Cliches

The more I looked at cliches online the more I realized how many get thrown around in the business environment everyday with thinking much about it.  So, I think it is a good exercise to call out a few more, not only to explain them but also to draw attention to the fact that they are overuse – or at least some might think they are.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be used but they should be used with caution and discriminatorily.

The pics for "think outside the box" are just as cliche as the expression, pic:

So here we go:

Sweat equity:  if you attain ownership in a company by working for it instead of buying into it.  This is often used to describe the stake founders of companies have – they worked pretty much day and night to get the company off the ground and now hold a junk of the shares – this would be sweat equity.

Thinking outside the box – this one has been used so often I can barely keep from rolling my eyes like an annoyed teenager when I hear it.  This phrase is just a round about way of saying thinking creatively and unconventionally, outside of the conventional limits.   When I heard it first I liked the phrase but that was 15 years ago and I have heard it pretty much every other day since.

Enough already.


One Comment to “Business Cliches”

  1. I agree. “Outside of the box” is so inside the box. How about “At the end of the day…”? Check half a dozen news segments in a nightly news broadcast and someone in four of them will utter: “At the end of the day…” Enough already. Use future tense to talk about the future. It doesn’t sound clever; it sounds robotic, like the speaker is programmed.

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