Life can suck, pic:

Today we were driving and playing the radio when Kelly Clarkson was singing “My life would suck without you.”  My 6 year old love this song about dysfunctional love – go figure – but he did not understand what “my life would suck” means.  Personally, I don’t think he has to at his age but then again he asked and I promised myself 6 years ago (almost) never to dodge a question.

This sucks! is a fairly widespread slangy (bad not bad in the sense of being obscene) expression used to say that something isn’t good, actually, that it is fairly bad or annoying.

The phrase is okay in every day use, especially for younger people, I wouldn’t use it in conversation with my boss, though.

Here are a couple of examples:

Student 1: “I got an D on the accounting test.”

Student 2: “Man, that sucks!”

Person in a movie theater: “This movie totally sucks.  Let’s go.”

A variation of suck is sucky – the adjective of suck.

“What a sucky day.”

“We saw this really sucky movie yesterday.”

Okay, that was the easy part.  Now how do I explain Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream??

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