Microwave mentality

Microwave mentality is not new after all, pic: hubpages.com

I don’t know whether this is an American thing or not, I have not spend enough time abroad recently to see whether microwave mentality exists in other countries and therefore could be more generational than cultural.  Microwave mentality definitely exists here in the US, though.

So let’s talk about it:

Microwave mentality is the attitude that if something cannot be done in 5 minutes or less it isn’t worth the trouble.  This attitude spans all of live from the obvious – cooking – to the less obvious, like making money, reading an article, learning something new, cleaning,  even things we are supposed to enjoy like working out (okay, I know, I am pushing it here with the notion that a work-out should be enjoyable, but it should …)  or connecting with people (case in point: we used to send letters, make phone calls, then we send emails, then posted on facebook and now we are tweeting – 140 characters or less…)

The microwave mentality is tied to the notion of convenience and completely ignores a simple fact, namely that quality generally takes time.


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