Bright and early

Way too early for me, pic:

I am not a morning person – at all.  In fact. I think a civilized time to get out of bed would be sometime around 9:00 am and a good time to go to bed around 2 am.  But nobody ever asks me.

The expression that instills fear in my late risers heart is “bright and early”  as in “I’ll see you tomorrow bright an early”.  Not only does this imply that I will have to get up early – very early – and that I might even have to fake energy, alertness, and enthusiasm – all things that are hard to fake and definitely not part of my character before say 10 am.

The bright, in fact, does not refer to the attitude one has to display but is related to the brilliance of the rising sun at dawn.  Here is another usage example:

“It is going to be a long hike so be better get started bright and early.”


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