Oxymorons, part 2

Couldn't resist this one, pic: usableinterfaces.com

I found a few more oxymorons that are worth featuring in this blog.  Just as a quick reminder, oxymorons are figures of speech that combine contradictory terms, such as “pretty ugly” (which, btw, means rather ugly).

So here are a few more that I have heard used by people, who are often rather unaware of the fact that they are using an oxymoron.

Let’s start with a fairly frequently used one from high-tech:  virtual reality

From the home we have: freezer burn (which is what you get after you leave stuff for too long or not properly wrapped up in the freezer)

A very Californian one: rolling stop – California is full of STOP signs on streets.  In some parts of San Francisco there are more stop signs than houses.  If a driver, tiered of the stopping and driving almost stops at the STOP sign but not quite and then proceeds on – that is a rolling stop (and you get fined if caught!)

Another kind of funny one is “clearly confused”, as in “the driver was clearly confused when the police officer told him that he had not stopped but only had come to a rolling stop and would therefore get fined.”

Got to love language!

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