Gym Parking Lot

I go to the gym three times a week, sometimes more.  I go there to exercise and move my body.  I assume most people who go to the gym would do it for the same reason.  Why else would you hang out in a sort of smelly noise place with people dressed in unattractive outfits?

Rather wait than walk, pic:

I do take my car to the gym most always for a variety of reasons and do feel somewhat guilty about it – I should really use the bike.  So I get to the parking lot in front of the gym and more times than not witness the following scene: big car waiting, indicator lights on  for some guy to open the car, open the trunk, then put his bag in, than futz around a bit, then futz a bit more, then getting in the car, grabbing a bottle of water, having a drink, turning the car on, buckling up, having another drink, checking email on the smart phone and then – finally, slowly – drive out.

If the parking lot was full I’d do the same but – for crying out loud – there is a parking spot, in fact two or three right there, all you have to do is walk ten more meters to the gym entrance.  Not happening.  People rather wait – patiently to my amazement – for the guy to stop futzing around and leaving than walking 10 more meters before they hop on the treadmill.

This must be one the most irrational behaviors ever.  I cannot (unless it rains

cats or dog or you are in North Dakota in February with below zero Fahrenheit temps) think of any even moderately good reason to behave that way.

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