Royal Wedding

An American dream story: commoner makes it big, pic:

A day and a half late I finally watched the TiVo’ed version of the royal wedding with the girl friends – we had little sandwiches and tea and – of course – something bubbly and alcoholic as well.

The wedding was well covered over here as well – though it is a very British story, with royalty and all which we don’t subscribe to over here, it has a bit of an American dream element to it: the pretty daughter of a commoner, solidly middle class with what seems to be a thriving party supply business – think balloons and confetti – marries the future king, carries herself with dignity and even chooses a nice, albeit unspectacular dress for the occasion.  The Queen is gracious enough to let her wear the heirloom tiara and everybody is guardedly blissful.

This resonates with the American dishwasher to millionaire story.  Only problem, that might have happened in past generations but the has become increasingly rare these days, making that jump from rages to riches seems reserved to people who handle balls of one kind or another extraordinarily well.  So the story of the commoner turned queen-to-be is embraced here in a “uou-go-girl” kind of way.

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