Groups of animals

a bunch of sandpipers are called a fling, pic:

Many animals hang around in larger groups and these groups have names, different names for different animals.  Some of these names are fairly well-known others I had never heard of until I looked them up today.  Here are a few useful ones – ones you will hear in everyday life, although not on an everyday basis – and a few weird ones.  In my world everything I have never heard mentioned in conversation in my 14 years in the US are qualify as weird ones.

Probably the most well-know example is herd, it is used for cattle, deer, bisons and alike

Flock is also a common one, it is used for birds and, apparently for camels, goats and lice.

Monkeys come in troops

Beavers, bats and badgers, along with ants, chinchilla,s frogs and penguis form colonies

Fish in general come in schools (I thought this one weird when I first heard it but I got used to it).

Now for a few strange ones:

Barracudas come in batteries, sea birds in wrecks, caterpillars in armies, cheetahs form coalitions (how sensible) and cockroaches, intuitively, come in intrusions.

Forget the last few ones – you will probably never need these words.  If your brain works like mine, however, this is exactly the reason why you will never forget these terms.

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