Talk shop

They are probably talking shop, pic:

Talking shop is something we all occasionally do and find it completely okay – if our friends and spouses do it, though, it is completely unacceptable and annoying.

So here is what it means to talk shop: talking about work outside of the work place.  Talking shop is generally done with colleagues when one meets them in a social situation, for example at a holiday party or a company BBQ.  Talking shop is the best way to bore the hell out of everybody who is not working at the company and has nothing to say about how Dave in accounting is a bit slow and how annoying client xyz is.

Here is an example of how to use the phrase in a sentence:

“How was your husband’s company party last weekend?”

“Boring! They just talked shop all evening. ”

As the imperative “let’s talk shop” you can use that phrase to let people know to stop the chit chat and start talking about work, e.g. 10 minutes after the meeting officially started everybody is still talking about last night’s baseball game then the boss might say “Guys, let’s talk shop now!”

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