I don’t like coffee so I am not speaking from experience here but the topic coffee has to be covered in any blog about America and American culture.  Coffee is very much a part of American everyday life, from morning until night.

Coffee in an American dinner - served with lunch, pic:

Most of my coffee-drinking European friends have little more than disdain for the American brew, which they consider too weak and flavorless.  Coffee these days comes mainly in the form of large, overpriced take-out products with all sorts of additions, from the usual milk and sugar to the less common one like caramel or hazelnut flavorings.  The variation of sizes, flavors, additions and permutations seems as limitless as the Americans desire to drink it everywhere and all the time.

The opposite end of the fancy coffee drink is the lowly dinner coffee – brewed and then kept on a percolator until empty, weak, made generally of inferior quality beans this is the stuff you get served in traditional American dinners.  The stuff they used to dring in that form back in the 50s, probably even before then.

One wired thing about American coffee consumption (especially the dinner type) is that people consider it a “regular drink”, like water or maybe even iced tea.  They have it with lunch, like the Germans have beer (or mineral water) with lunch and the French red wine (or mineral water).  So they order a burger with fries and coffee for lunch.

My coffee drinking European friends find that quite strange.

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