Brain drain

What sounds like a very nasty surgical procedure is actually something quite different.  We speak of brain drain when highly qualified, trained and/0r educated people leave a certain area/country.

Brain drain in the US, pic:

Brain drains are common occurrences and have been often observed in the history of human kind, examples include the emigration of many scientists, artists and other highly skilled and educated Jewish people from Europe, especially Germany in the 1930 and 40s to escape the Holocaust.  that wasn’t the first time a country had to suffer the consequences of expelling his Jewish citizens, the Spanish did the same after the reconquista in the late 15th century an saw an precipitous decline pretty much in all areas of their lives and ushered in an economic decline.

I am afraid – call me pessimistic – that we are seeing the start of a brain drain here in the US.  For many years the best and brightest from all over the world came to study and work here and now they are starting to return from wherever they came from.  I could give many reasons for that but that is for a different blog.


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