Our beloved – not – fast food chain McDonald’s has spawned a whole host of so called McWords – regular words that with the suffix Mc take on a new but related meaning. Let’s have a look at the most frequently used ones.

A typical McMansion, pic:

The most well-known one is McMansion – which refers to an overly large but tasteless house clustered with the same or very similar houses in a neighborhood.  These houses were often quickly built and remind the discerning onlooker of mass production just like fast food.

Then there are McJobs – low paying jobs that do not require much qualification or skill and people are hired and fired at will.

McChurch – is particular brand of megachurch (huge church with thousands, sometimes ten thousands of  worshipers) with a strong focus on consumerism and entertainment that can obscure the religious aspects.

Lastly a term I haven’t heard in use much but makes a lot of sense: McPaper – for a flashy, colorful newspaper, high on pictures and eye-catching headlines and low on good content.

Not much good seem to have come from McDonald’s – and I have to agree.

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