Due to popular demand

Due to popular demand we are offering the 2 foot, 2000-calorie burger, pic: foodfacts.info

“Due to popular demand” is a nice little phrase you can use to indicate that a lot of people want something, e.g. a product, without specifying who exactly wants it.  Maybe there are too many people, or you don’t know them, or both.

The phrase is often used when something is being brought back or reintroduced.  Some examples will make this more clear.

“Due to popular demand we extending our special offer for an additional three weeks.”

“Due to popular demand third Lady Gaga concert was scheduled in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

“Due to popular demand we now offer our grande burrito also in extra-super-special grande.  For those of you who really like their burritos.”

This is a nice way of avoiding to be specific and obviously the phrase can also be abused to justify something one wants to do anyway by claiming that some anomymous mass of people has demanded it.


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