Rapture Day

Interesting times are just around the corner.  On May, 21 – or so the story goes in the extreme corners of the religious right – rapture day is upon us.

I just couldn't resist this one, pic: allhatnocattle.net

Rapture – for those not imminently familiar with the term – is the second coming of Jesus, when all the Christians, dead or alive, are gathered up and meet God in heaven, or the air, or somewhere.  The relevant biblical passage is 1 Thess. 4:15-17 if you want to read up.

In case you are not American you might wonder if this is some kind of tasteless joke that I am playing here but let me assure you, it is not.  There are people who believe that on May 21 of this year the rapture will occur (just like there are people who believed that many times before about seemingly random days and are still waiting).

In an interesting twist, even some of the most fundamental of right wing Christians, have publicly stated that this is nonsense.  The guy behind all of this, one Harold Camping, is no unknown in the end-of-the-world-is-near business, he already claimed back in 1994 that the rapture is upon us, but that simple facy does not seem to distract his followers.  After all, we are all wrong once in a while, right!

To round this blog out I was looking for some hard data on a number I once read and remember but have no source for, namely that 25% of American’s believe that the second coming of Jesus will be happening this year (that is an give year we just happen to have) and a full 50% believe that it will happen during their life time.  I couldn’t find any reputable stats on that but googling “believe in rapture during life time” I came  across and amazing number of webpages dedicated to the topic – go check them out yourself.

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