Second coming

I am on a roll here with religion and this being the day of the predicted rapture or second coming of Jesus and me giving some wrong numbers about people’s belief about this topic in this country yesterday I feel compelled to revisit the topic.

So here we go with a nice little article plus overview statistics courtesy of the Pew Forum.  So according to this 2006 Pew survey a full 79% of Christians in this country believe in the second coming of Jesus.  That is an amazing number if you think about it.

Now to the number I misstated yesterday – “only” 20% of the US Christians believe that this will happen in their lifetime.  A back of the envelop calculation shows: about 80% of the about 310 Million (307 and some odd in 2009 so I rounded up a bit) are Christians and 20% thereof believe that Jesus will return during their life time, that is a whopping 50 million people.

50 Million people living their lives expecting that there might not be a tomorrow – that is a truly scary thought.

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