Trailer trash

Today’ term isn’t very nice, in fact it is derogatory and should not be used when addressing people – unless you don’t care that they hate you afterwards.  Trailer trash, also called white trash, is a very negative term for poor white people.  The terms derived from trailers or mobile homes where a lot of poor people live.

Example 1, Pic:

Living in a trailer is not a strict requirement for being trailer trash, nor is anybody living in a trailer automatically trailer trash, it is more how a person behaves, dresses, talks and acts that make them trailer trash.

Another example, pic:

Here are some of the attributes that in combination would make somebody trailer trash: poor personal hygiene, like BO (body odor), bad, stained teeth, greasy hair, foul language, slutty or slovenly clothing, dirty houses and yards with lots of junk strewn around.  Beverages of choice will be cheap canned beer and food of choice will generally be deep fried and purchased at one of the major fast food chains – and that would include breakfast.

Since pictures sometimes truly say more than a thousand words I am attaching several pictures which should get the point across.


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