even a tired catch-phrase is refreshing when uttered by Daniel craig, pic:

Last time you said “I’ll be back” (ideally with an Austrian accent) or “shaken – not stirred” (ideally wearing a tux) – you used a catch-phrase (or catchphrase).

A catch-phrase is a phrase or expression which is widely recognized because it has been used very often.  Most catch-phrases originate in popular culture, often movies or TV shows but also radio, or literature.  A catch-phrase can become the “trademark” of a character and very closely associated with him or her.

When I think about catch-phrases Star Trek comes to mind:

Live long and prosper – the Vulcan greeting

Beam me up, Scotty – Kirk’s frequent request

Please state the nature of your medical emergency – the Doctor in Voyager

Resistance is futile – the Borg slogan

Staying with Sci Fi for a bit longer:

“May the force be with you” and “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” –  Star Wars

Our ex-governor, as the first sentence proves – is good for a few as well “hasta la vista, baby” being one of the more well-known ones.

Comics are great as well:

Eat my shorts – Bart Simpson

d’ooh – Homer Simpson

yabba dabba dooh – Fred Flintstone

Enough of that.


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